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Wireless Lavalier Microphone Rental is a perfect choice for presentations and events.



Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Rental

Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Rental for sound presentations to audiences. What is a lavaliere microphone? A lavaliere mic, has a small body pack that clips onto a belt and a small microphone wire that clips to a lapel, pocket or tie. These are often called a “Clip-On” microphone. Wires create limits, thus wireless is the best option for business meetings and events. These wireless microphones offer the capability to present to audiences while freely moving through the event space.

We carry Shure wireless microphones for all types of events. Wireless Lavaliere Microphone Rental can be used without the need for any stand and keeps a presenters hands free through a speaking engagement. Lavaliere Microphones are great if you have a designated presenter, but not ideal for passing a microphone from one person to the next. If you need more microphones, say a lavaliere and a hand held, you will require a mixer along with speakers.

When planning for sound calling one of our staff to discuss your rental need. We will recommend the right equipment for your exact program. Our knowledgeable technicians will help to troubleshoot any possible issues prior to an event to reduce instances of interference.

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Do you have an event venue? Call us to ask about our venue services. We can provide turnkey audio visual solutions for venues. Also, we offer aggressive pricing to help you secure more meeting and event bookings. Essentially our professional staff becomes a part of your team, providing both equipment and technical support. Call us to discuss your needs. We have highly maintained professional equipment, a large inventory, professional technicians and friendly staff. Need references, we have a great list of very happy clients.

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